30 June 2005

thursday found my new grocery store

finally i got an image to work again-- self-portrait--distraught
i love grocery stores
especially new ones in new places
i could spend hours comparing and hunting around
maybe my gatherer instinct?

27 June 2005

try this photo

in west chester, PA now

bob and i are settled in to our little apartment
it is air conditioned and i feel like we are in a bubble
using his laptop now i don't have the picture posting deal figured out yet
sorry i have been gone from this for so long
it is great to be a lady of leisure for a little bit
with the free high speed internet i shall be posting more regularly
need to go buy laundry soap and a spatula today
raining here now

13 June 2005


so we are packing up and leaving in 8 days
no more syracuse
but anniversary at the beach and then west chester, PA
and then michigan and then NYC again
the house is all torn up with boxes but i am happy to be going
is a nice word
still having trouble with the photos but will try again now
peace and love to you all out there

07 June 2005

good play

stupid photo publishing program won't be supported by my free aol
i am reading a good play called


by suzan-lori parks

summer now

good morning out there
it finally feels like summer in syracuse- hot and muggy for days in a row
the house is all boxes - it feels sort of good to pack
compartmentalize our lives
throw stuff out

02 June 2005

new baby sunny day

my friend had a baby girl on the last day of may--welcome Matea Grace
today is beautiful and sunny
had a whiskey sour in the hammock with the NYtimes crossword(an easy monday one)
and the neighbor cat swinging along too


and another thing...