31 May 2005

last day of may

hi there
had some trouble with the photo posting program so have been away for a few days but am back in business now
getting the house packed up
ready to leave my jobs
excited for a change of scenery

menstruation triptych

down deep, watercolor

me and my sweetie at the park

26 May 2005

thursday bleh

i feel kind of yuck today
no good reason
repotted the plants, they are grateful

24 May 2005

green head band self

blue chair nude


23 May 2005


clouds are grey and i
wish i were a brown bear cub
snuggled up to mom

here is a painting i made of under the highway in syracuse

this is me camping in the adirondacks

this is me in the kitchen

23 may 2005 first blog of brook

hello out there

new to this blogging, but i think i might like it
cloudy day in syracuse new york
i feel a little self-conscious

well, i'll just try this out to see how it looks now
peace and love to all you good internet people