30 August 2007


watercolor on paper

28 August 2007

27 August 2007

up-looking cat

ink on paper

grumpy man at the MoMA

new york's museum of modern art has a beautiful exhibit of richard serra's enormous sculptures right now. there are some curvy ones inside that actually made me a bit nauseous and gave me a headache after being around them- but in the best possible way

26 August 2007


watercolor, ink on paper

24 August 2007

sun sky lawn

watercolor, ink on paper

23 August 2007

22 August 2007


watercolor on paper

21 August 2007


watercolor on paper

20 August 2007

michelle and jonathan

acrylic on board
here is another commission i did for some friends- it was great to spend the afternoon with them yesterday and i was thrilled that they were interested in sitting for this portrait- quite a lovely pair

19 August 2007


here is photo of the lost iguana i saw wandering down my street last week- i named him sherman- but luckily his people found him

17 August 2007

12 August 2007

11 August 2007

10 August 2007


thanks to dave for this photo of what the painting looks like in their dining room

july 2007 michigan

here is a commission i did for my friends dave and stephanie- i love having a huge lovely canvas to work on

09 August 2007

edward's dragon

i painted the outline of this dragon with expert direction from my nephew edward- he then helped with filling in and color choices. he is an excellent painter in his own right- very good at caves and volcanoes and the color red.

iris spiral

my wonderful niece iris made this with two perfect strokes- sometimes i get jealous when i watch little kids paint because their intentions and joy are so pure and unfettered- the results are expressive and beautiful without all the second-guessing and over-thinking us grown-ups like to include

08 August 2007

whitney again

acrylic on canvas

07 August 2007

06 August 2007


acrylic on foam board
it was wonderful to see so much of you in michigan
thank you for sitting for this painting
lake superior is the best lake of all

03 August 2007

sunset cruising

thanks to bob H and the lightning

sunshine lake

acrylic with sand on mat board

01 August 2007


acrylic on cardboard