29 July 2007

27 July 2007

grey lake

acrylic on mat board

24 July 2007


watercolor on paper

22 July 2007

me and bob

this one is about 6 years old

19 July 2007

mexico beach

watercolor on paper

18 July 2007

bob H

watercolor on paper

17 July 2007

three in yellow

watercolor on paper

16 July 2007

15 July 2007


watercolor on paper

14 July 2007


watercolor on paper

13 July 2007

taylor 2

my lovely cousin taylor sat for this and the earlier sketch while i was visiting with family in detroit.
acrylic on cardboard

12 July 2007

bristle blue

watercolor on paper

11 July 2007

road home

watercolor on paper

best pastrami in detroit

find it on woodward avenue
get the pastrami with cole slaw
pay extra for the onion roll
love it

10 July 2007


ink on paper

09 July 2007

lara and matea

thanks to matea who helped with this one
acrylic on cardboard
approx. 3x4'

08 July 2007

07 July 2007


i made this little one for my cousin's baby shower

mackinac bridge

05 July 2007

happy america

thanks to the harringtons dave and jeff- it was a beautiful show

the cabin

03 July 2007

end-loader on vacation

st. mary's river

sorry i've been away from the computer for a while- i will try to be more daily with the the paintings now. i am visiting family and friends in michigan for the month of july so i am looking forward to some new faces and landscapes.